1920s Dress for New Years Eve

The year of the 20’s revival is still going strong especially with Downton Abbey showing in the USA soon. Fans will love this season’s glamorous evening dresses which show off drop waists, long skirts, flowing chiffon, and naturally some gorgeousness jewels. This Mattox dress is something I could see on one of the Downton Abbey ladies yet is modern enough to not look like a costume. Faux bob your hair, add a long necklace, and an fabulous pair of sparkling shoes and you will be set! Learn about and shop for more 1920s formal dresses here and in the UK here. 


1930s Dress For New Years

Swoon. I don’t think there is a better era than the 1930s for sleek, glamorous formal gowns. The touch of sparkle and the Grecian inspired silhouette is just beautiful. Practice your finger waves and add a pair of drop earrings and a small pearl or rhinestone necklace for the final touches that take this back to the golden years.  Shop more 1930’s style gowns.

1940s Dress for New Years Eve

While 1940s formal dresses were usually long ballgowns the pin up look can also go formal with a short, sexy, cocktail dress. This simple 1940s inspired dress from my favorite pin up brand, Stop Starring, is perfect for any kind of New Years Eve party. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this look. Shop more formal or cocktail 1940s style dresses. 

1950s Dress for New Years Eve

The 1950’s fit and flare shape is the in style this year. Its easy to wear, very flattering, and very 1950’s! The fifties shape is made best with a padded and pointy bullet bra and a waist cincher doesn’t hurt either. Shoes are easy because a basic pair of patent leather pumps (any height) will work perfectly. Shop more 1950s style formal dresses. 

1960s New Years Dress

The classic shift dress is one the long standing trends from the 1960’s especially when its comes to cocktail dresses. An easy fit and sophisticated sexiness it is one of my favorite vintage does modern styles. Shop 1960s style cocktail dresses here.

What style of dress are you wearing for New Years?

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