Vintage Inspired Shoe Styles from Hotter Shoes (2016)

When creating a vintage inspired look; often we may focus on the main outfit components, forgetting about the shoes. I know when I first started to wear vintage inspired styles, shoes were sadly the last item I considered, and I often just paired my 1950s dresses with whatever I already owned that was vaguely passable. Little did I know back then, that by placing more consideration on my choice of shoes; I could have elevated my vintage inspired outfits from so-so to wow-wow!

The Breeze wedges, new for Summer 2016. Colorful 50s/60s style shoes

Shoes really help to hone an outfit, to add to the authenticity of the era you are wishing to create. Not only must the style of shoe be considered from an aesthetic point of view, but if you will be wearing them all day of course you want to be comfortable! This is where Hotter Shoes really excel. Not only have they perfected vintage inspired designs, but their shoes include various comfort features that make them a dream to wear.

Pyramid foam technology, cushioning, removable insoles and lightweight soles all contribute to making Hotter shoes the most comfortable shoes you may wear. Most styles also come in wide or extra wide widths!

Here I am going to show you which shoes to choose for each decade, and how I have styled a vintage inspired look to suit accordingly.

1920s Style with Juliette Shoes

There are a few styles that would perfectly suit a 1920s look, here I have chosen the Juliette to match a 1920s evening style.

The Juliette in soft black. These are so pretty, and are wonderful for adding that touch of glamour to 1920s styles. Almost out of stock. Act fast.

With their beautiful soft gold hue, the Juliette shoes instantly evoke a feeling of glamour. The low heel is perfect for walking (and dancing!) in, whilst the decorative cut-out detailing adds a wonderful early 20th century charm.

The Juliette shoes are great for creating a 1920s look. Make a complete outfit with beaded dress, headband, purse, stockings and jewelry.

The Juliette shoes are great for creating a 1920s look. Make a complete outfit with beaded dress, headband, purse, stockings and jewelry. 

For a daytime 1920s style, the Juliette also comes in black and navy. Alternatively, the Bridgette shoes with their Mary-Jane style would also be perfectly suited to a 1920s look.

1930s Style with Angelica Heels

For this 1930s style, I was inspired by shoes worn by Ginger Rogers in her early 1930s movies with Fred Astaire.

The Angelica in black snake. These have a great vintage shape, the perfect choice for 1930s outfits.

feature a slim but sturdy block heel, with a medium cut vamp and gently curved toe.

The Angelica shoes by Hotter look wonderful with 1930s style clothing. Shop this look at

The Angelica shoes look wonderful with 1930s styles.

I have teamed Angelica with a 1930s styled day dress by and period-perfect accessories to create an authentic 1930s look.

Angelica is available in black, black snake (pictured), navy or flint. I opted for the black snake variation, as it lends itself well to 1930s styles.

Vintage style Hotter Shoes. These styles could easily suit eras from the 1920s up to the 1960s. Shop them at

A selection of low heels available from These styles could easily suit eras from the 1920s up to the 1960s.

Again, the Bridgette shoes would also work well for this era, as would the Sandy shoes with their broguing detailing and two tone variations. would be another option for this decade, with the lovely t-strap detailing and low heel – a style that would also be perfect for dancing in.

1940s Style with Saltburn Brogues

For the 1940s, I decided to go for a more casual style rather than a formal look. Here I have used the Saltburn brogues to create a relaxed daytime look.

, available in three different shades.

Teamed with high-waist wide legged pants and a simple blouse, here I have used the outerwear and accessories to evoke the era of the 1940s. Pin a bakelite brooch to the plaid jacket from to add a touch of color. Finish the look with a simple beret in a harmonizing tone, and you are good to go!

The Saltburn brogues are perfect for a relaxed 1940s daywear style. Get this look at

The Saltburn brogues are perfect for a relaxed 1940s daywear style. 1940s style tops, pants, jewelry and hat complete the look.

The Saltburn brogues are available in flint (pictured) light olive and French blue, I selected the flint version here as it is a perfect neutral shade. For other casual 1940s styles, the Abbeyville or Sorbet loafers would also work well.

For formal 1940s styles, and Antoinette heels may work well, and are available in various colors to suit many outfits.

Retro vintage Hotter shoes. Many of these would look great with 1940s and 1950s styles.

A selection of mid-heels from Many of these would look great with 1940s and 1950s styles.

1950s Style with Antoinette Heels

Here I have decided to recreate a quintessentially 1950s look, enhanced by the use of the Antoinette heels in feminine, girly pink.

The Antoinette in magenta. With their cute bow detailing, these are a lovely choice to suit 1950s feminine styles.

This floral skirt is perfectly 1950s with its bold floral print. I have continued the floral theme with rose earrings and plain white top from Modcloth, finishing the look with a classic cropped and pink seamed stockings from What Katie Did.

The Antoinette shoes in bright girly pink looks fabulous with feminine 1950s styles. Get this look at

The Antoinette in bright girly pink looks fabulous with feminine 1950s styles.


The Hattie wedges, beautifully suited to summertime styles!

For more 1950s styles, the would work well, and for warmer weather or climes the Hattie wedges would be lovely.

1960s Style with Sorbet Loafers

The Sorbet loafer in two-tone navy and cream lends itself particularly well to the bold colors and styles of the 1960s.

The casual yet smart style of these Sorbet loafers is perfect for a 1960s style.


A selection of smart flat shoes from Hotter Shoes. These would suit 1950s and 1960s styles wonderfully.

A selection of smart flat shoes from . These would suit 1950s and 1960s styles wonderfully.

I have decided to create a casual 1960s look using classic Capri pants from Modcloth, teamed with a stretch top from in a zingy lime shade.

Worn with the top tucked-in, can then be worn over the top to create a nipped-in early 1960s silhouette. I have finished the look with matching bangles from ASOS, and a cute polka dot scarf from Zappos that could be worn either around the neck, or over the classic beehive hairstyle!

The contrasting cream and navy of the Sorbet loafers perfectly suits a 1960s style. Get this look at

The contrasting cream and navy of the perfectly suits a 1960s style.

For other 1960s styles, the Trinity pumps would work well for an Audrey Hepburn style. The Brierton loafers with their chain detailing would work well for a formal look, whist the Breeze wedges would be perfect for the summer time.

These are a popular choice due to the classic style that can easily transition across eras, and the wide color selection available.

Whichever era you prefer, and whichever style of shoe you choose, you can be sure that you will be comfortable and stylish in Hotter shoes.

If you are new to starting to build a collection of vintage inspired shoes, I would advise to go for a style that could easily transition across the decades you are most fond of. For example, if you are a fan of the 1920s-1930s, perhaps choose the Bridgette or

For 1940s-1950s, the or Antoinette would suit many outfits from this era. For later 1950s and early 1960s styles, the Sorbet loafers, again the Antoinette, or the Brierton shoes would suit perfectly.

To begin with, select a neutral shade or a tone that most matches the outfits you are intending to wear the shoes with. Once you have a few classic styles in neutral tones, then you can begin building up and expanding your collection of vintage inspired shoes.

We are Debbie and Oscar, your guides to dressing up like decades past. We are here to help you find clothing online and learn about vintage fashions as worn by everyday people, just like you. Need help with your outfit? Ask us anytime.