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1950s Swing Skirt, Poodle Skirt, Pencil Skirts

A 1950s swing skirt tops the cake when it comes to classic vintage fifties fashion. Charming 50s swing skirts,  circle skirts, and poodle skirts add a vintage inspired vibe to your vintage or modern fashion. Choose a popular vintage 50s color like red, pink or navy blue and pair it with a patterned blouse or solid pinup top. Novelty prints, florals, polka dots, and plaid are favorites this year and they look great with a cropped cardigan sweater. A 1950s poodle skirt doesn’t have to have poodles on it. It could be a full circle skirt with other novelty themes and 50s slang.  Accent these high waisted skirts with a wide belt and add a fluffy crinoline or petticoat to create volume.  Traditional 1950s swing skirts were tea length but modern pinups like skirts above the knee.

A slender 1950s pencil skirt is the opposite of the swing skirt yet equally popular.  The 50s pencil skirts have a high waist, straight hem, and kick pleats for easier walking. Some people called them wiggle skirts but vintage pencil skirts were slender, not tight, and also past knee length.  Some 1950s style skirts had cute buttons or a big bow around the waist instead of a belt.

Learn about the history of 1950s skirts here or browse our favorite 1950s swing skirts,  poodle skirts and pencil skirts for sale online:

1950s Swing Skirts


1950s skirts, swing skirts, circle skirts, poodle skirts, pencil skirts for sale. Sahafah24.info/1950s

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    • Most website will. Click on the photo of the skirt you like to be directed to the selling website. From there you can see where they can ship to.


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