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Men’s Vintage Vests, Sweater Vests

1940s men's fair isle sweater vest

1940s men’s fair isle sweater vest

A vintage man without a vest is incomplete. The pre-1900 and early 20th century embraced the collared vest with a round shawl collar or notch lapel collar.  Patterns were in fashion with stripes, plaids, and checks making the biggest impact. By the 1930s, lapels were disappearing and the classic V neck 6 button vest appeared in single and double-breasted styles. Solid colors and thin pinstripes matched suits or not. The contrasting vest in double-breasted style was very dapper back then as it is today.

Pullover men’s sweater vests were worn in winter and spring for sporting clothes (like golf or tennis) or as casual fashions for trend-setting young men. Thick white or ivory cables knit vests are the icon of preppy style. Argyle sweater vests were also an ivy league style, especially with golfers. The wintery men’s fair isle sweater vest in pullover or zip up cardigan style was a classic in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Because of the high waisted pants, men’s sweater vest were much shorter than they are today (you can shorten a modern vest with a little sewing).

Add one of these vintage style vests inspired by the fashions of the Victorian – 1960s era to your shirt and trousers for an instant vintage look.

Men’s Vintage Inspired Vests


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1920s style men’s vests. Pin this!



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