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Fun Retro Style Dresses


1950s polka dot dress blue white

Polka Dot Dresses

If you are looking for fun, retro style dresses, there are a few different ways for you to go. You can look at your favorite fashion era and try to find clothing from that time period in your local thrift store or vintage clothing boutique. If you enjoy the earlier periods of dress, you may have better luck going with modern, vintage inspired clothing. Here are a few fun, retro style dresses from different eras:

  • Victorian – The Victorian era is the inspiration for the popular steampunk style of women’s dresses and retro women’s shoes and boots. Long lacy skirts, velvet corsets, and gothic style all fit into the Victorian and steampunk style. If you’re looking for some funky style or a really flattering vintage inspired dress idea, the Victorian era is the way to go.
  • Edwardian – If you’re wondering about Edwardian style clothing, think the Titanic or My Fair Lady. Traveling suits, kimono robes, great hats and wonderful boots are all Edwardian style favorites.
  • 1920s flapper dress buy

    1920’s Style Flapper Dress- New!

    1920s – The 1920s was the era of the flapper dress, cloche hats, beads, and freedom. Beaded headbands, drop waist dresses, and other imaginative hair accessories were essential in the 20s.

  • 1930s – The 30s were dominated by long gowns and the new two piece suit for women. With the 30s came a more conservative styling than that of the freer and wealthier 20s era.
  • 1940s – The 40s were a time of war, jazz, swing, and beautiful dresses that were well fitted. Sailor suits and 2 piece victory suits were also popular during this time.
  • 1950s – Full circle dresses, wiggle dresses, and saddle shoes marked this era of vintage dresses and retro shoes. The 50s were a great year for fashion and mod style eventually came out of it.
  • 1960s – Pencil skirts and sheath dresses  marked the 1960s. Everything matched, from shoes to handbag, hair was perfectly in place and makeup was done. The 60s represented one of the last fashion eras where every lady wore a hat.

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