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Vintage Rompers | Retro, Pin Up, Rockabilly Playsuits

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1930s , 1940s and  1950s were the heyday decades of a summer clothing style: the retro playsuit. Also called a vintage romper today, the playsuit was a coverup worn over swimsuits at the beach or pool. They were so comfortable women wore them at home too, without swimsuits. Combining a short sleeve or sleeveless top and a pair of short shorts or skirt, often with a nautical theme, you have a vintage playsuit! They are so fun and easy to wear in the summer. While popular with 50s pin up and rockabilly girls, anyone can wear a retro romper thanks to a revival of the romper into mainstream fashion.

While most retro rompers are inspired by looser styles of the 70s and 80s, vintage 50s playsuits are still being made today. Learn about the history of playsuits.


Vintage Playsuits

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