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Retro Women’s Clothing You May Not Have Considered

Inspired Retro Women’s Swimwear. Wiggle Dresses. Steampunk Clothes

Shop 1950s swing dressesThere are a lot of great pieces of retro women’s clothing that many people may overlook. It would be a very sad thing to overlook some of these great signature styles from years gone by. Even if you are wearing an item as a costume, these vintage items are a blast to wear. Here are just a few really cool pieces of retro and vintage clothing that you may not have considered before:

  • Retro Bathing Suits – Retro swimwear is super cute and gaining in popularity. The bikini and pinup era ran from the 40s to the 50s. These styles provide a bit more coverage in certain areas than modern string bikinis and are super stylish and trendy.
  •  Wiggle dresses  – are the ultimate in sexy style and bring a look of sophistication to any gathering. A wiggle dress flatters almost every body type and hugs a woman’s natural curves.  Super sexy while at the same time polished and refined, these dresses are perfect for any occasion.
  • Steampunk Clothing – From top hats to lacey corsets and many tiered skirts, steampunk is a sexy gothic trend that’s gaining in popularity. Long Victorian skirts, velvet jackets, and sexy boots are all really cool accessories that you can work into any wardrobe.
  • Headbands– Beaded headbands, feathers in the hair, and the sparkle of rhinestones are a cool retro look you may not have thought of. This 1920s era fashion trend will go with almost any outfit and give a touch of elegance and jazz to your wardrobe.

    Clarisse Headband (Ivory/Crystal)

    Retro Headband

  • Hats – While not nearly as popular today as they were in years gone by, the ladies hat has slowly been regaining some popularity. Hats were the thing a well-dressed woman had to have when she left the house for many decades. Picking out a great vintage hat can really give some spice to your current wardrobe.

The Sahafah24 features all of the vintage fashion styles you’ve been looking for. We take the time to scour the web for the best bargains on vintage clothing and vintage inspired clothing so you don’t have to. We’re here to teach and share our love of everything vintage.


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