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Victorian Mens Ties, Ascot, Cravat, Bow Tie, Necktie

Victorian men's ties, neckties, bowties, cravat, ascot, scarf

1882 men’s neckties

New Victorian men’s ties. In the early years, men wore cravats and ascots tied in many different ways that changed from year to year. The long neckties didn’t become common till the end of the era. Neckties were often very skinny with a square end made of silk or hand knit. Bow ties too were a newer invention.  Out in the wild west men more simple western bow ties, double ties (Doc Holiday style) or just a neck scarf. Solids, thin stripes, paisley, damask, and small polka dots were common patterns in rich jewel tones and black.

These new style Victorian men’s ties offer the Victorian tie fashion but with modern materials and comfort in mind.

Victorian Men’s Ties



Common Victorian mens ties: cravat, ascot, western bow tie, puff tie, neck scarf and long tie called a four in hand. Find these at Sahafah24.info

Types of Victorian era mens ties

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