Oscar’s Costume:

Oscar joined me on the striped theme (unintentionally, I think). We tried about 6 different looks before this one fell into place. He was going for a Daniel Day-Lewis meets Steampunk vibe with his striped Victorian pants (custom made), striped J Peterman Gatsby shirt, black brocade vest (I added brass buttons), black civil war boots, silk neckerchief, and black Victorian top hat. And the best part of this costume- a Ruger Viquero single action revolver (similar to a Colt 45). We are lucky to live in a state where he can carry a gun in public and no one bats an eyelash. It was unloaded of course.

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Toddler Costume

We liked our costumes so much I think we will wear these for Halloween this year. I made a Steampunk outfit for the little one too. Her costume is all from thrift stores. I found some gears in the Scrapbook section of my local craft store that a glued onto her jacket and skirt. I painted her jacket buttons a golden brass color. I then used some scrap leather to make her a belt and a little purse. She likes her little purse the best (I do too.)

Steampunk baby toddler costume

Steampunk Baby Costume


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