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Men’s Steampunk Vests, Waistcoats, Corsets

Men’s Victorian Steampunk vests for a classic costume are paisley, stripes, canvas and even leather button up vests with lapels- either round or notch. Dark colors are usually worn for Steampunk costumes but a lighter ivory or silver Steampunk waistcoat can make a dark costume stand out.  You can add additional buckles, straps, buttons and gears to any vest for a unique creation. Long vests also called men’s Steampunk corsets combined the best of a vest and armor in a slim fit. Wear Steampunk vests over a Victorian or gothic style men’s shirt and layer with a long jacket. Shop more Steampunk clothes here. 

These men’s Steampunk vests, waistcoats and corsets are some of our favorite choices online:

Men’s Steampunk Vests