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Men’s Steampunk Jackets, Coats & Suits

A Steampunk man needs a coat, jacket or full suit to look the part.  He might wear a Victorian frock coat, formal tailcoat, morning coat, trench coat, overcoat, or western duster. A leather military or gothic style men’s Steampunk jacket with straps, buckles, grommets and chains bring a harder edge to a Steampunk costume. Pair these with a vest, pants and shirt for a complete men’s Steampunk costume.  You could dress like a stylish Victorian gentleman in a full Steampunk suit.  Tweed suits are very popular both in brown or grey. In summer a linen suit is a lighter option. With all the Victorian accessories and a Steampunk gun and goggles, your outfit will outshine all the others.

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Men’s Steampunk Jackets