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Edwardian Summer fashion guide

Edwardian Summer fashion guide. 

Historic Edwardian men’s fashion and clothing entered the turn of the century with Victorian formality but ended with a more relaxed style after WW1. To assemble your outfi,  begin with a good sack suit, bowler or homburg felt hat  for winter, straw boater or gambler hat for summer, bow tie or necktie, coordinating waistcoats (vests), dress shirts with round club collar, boots or shoes, gloves and a pocket squares. Lower classes wore these clothes too but they were often mismatched and with a cap instead of felt hat.  Edwardian men’s clothing looks formal by our modern standards but in reality, it was the start of classic menswear as we know it today. From evening 1st class dinner’s  aboard the Titanic to summer sporting events to working-class laborers, the Edwardian decade was full of fascinating fashions.

These vintage inspired modern clothes work great for recreating the 1900-1920 men’s style. They are perfect for  WW1, Titanic, Downton Abbey and casual men’s outfits.

Read about Men’s Edwardian / Titanic Fashion before you shop. Need help with your outfit? Ask us anytime.

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