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Pin Up Girl Costumes | Pin Up Costumes

Vintage 1940s and 1950s pin up girl costumes are sexy, flattering and vintage chic! The vintage pin up outfit took center stage in the 1940s as men went off to war. Tighter dresses, shorter skirts, revealing tops were all part of the fanciful look of the pin up girl. The 40s pin up girl fashion inspired a wave of form-fitting women’s dresses in the 1950s as well as fluffy swing dresses. Pin up girl costumes come in classic retro colors navy blue, red, black, green or white. Blue and white pinup sailor dresses and military green dresses echo the wartime while polka dots, rockabilly plaid and florals flashback to the fifties.

These 1940s and 1950s pin up dresses and pin up girl costumes are many of the best new styles sold online in all price ranges and in regular or plus sizes. We handpicked links to our favorite pin up costumes below. Once you have your pin up dress you will need shoes, hats or hair accessories, and stockings to complete your transformation.

Pin  Up Girl Costumes

More Pin Up Girl Dresses


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    Pin up girl costume ideas

    Pin Up Girl Costume Ideas

    Jazz Singer- Entertain the troops in an army or sailor wiggle dress

    Rosie the Riveter– A sexy Rosie outfit with blue coverall shorts or romper and red bandana

    Sailor Girl- Choose or blue or white sailor girl dresses, red heels, and sailor hat

    Kissing nurse- Done a white nurse dress, hat and white oxford shoes for this iconic 40s costume

    Rockabilly girl- Bad girls of the 50s wore tight black capri pants, red knit tops, and a hair scarf (aka Grease)

    Summer Pin Up- Blue sailor shorts and a striped T-shirt, wedges or sandals

    Casual Pin Up- Dark denim blue jeans, snug top, saddle shoes or classic converse

    Swing Time Pin up – A pretty swing dress in polka dots or cherry print, colorful petticoat and heels or ballet flats


    Vintage inspired 1940s and 1950s pin up girl costumes and pinup dresses. Affordable pin up costumes made with wiggle and swing dresses and skirts, capri pants and sailor shorts. 



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