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Why We Love Vintage Inspired 1940s Dresses

Vintage Inspired 1940s Dresses

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If you’ve ever thought about getting a unique new dress, but aren’t quite ready for the Great Gatsby dresses , a nice 1940s inspired dress may be right up your alley. The 1940’s were a time characterized by war, which meant that materials were rationed and fashion was almost stymied for a decade. Forced to use different fabrics and to conserve materials, designers made clothing for women that was shorter and more conservative than before. Women wore pants for the first time to work and play, and when they did wear dresses, they were conservative and precious. Here are a few reasons why 40s dresses are great today:

  • Less Is More – this conservative mentality dominated during the 40s because materials were scarce. Long skirts were shortened and clothing was made to fit the body precisely without wasting a bit of fabric. Wool, silk, and nylon were nowhere to be found, so clothing was created from linen, corduroy, rayon, and gabardine. Many outfits were hand sewn by women at home due to the scarcity and expense of buying them in the store. The quality of these items is something that just can’t be found today.
  • Tailoring – 40s dresses  were tailored to fit with minimal frills. Tailoring a dress to one’s body makes it look better than anything bought off the rack today. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a dress on a mannequin only to find that you hate how it makes you look, you have experienced the pitfalls of mass produced clothing. A tailored look is uber professional and many of the 40s style dresses fit right into the modern workplace.
  • Timeless Style – Fads and fashions come and go, but style is often timeless. The 1940s produced a number of different styles that have endured over the decades, including pencil skirts, the pant suit, and sequined evening wear. When combined with tailoring and minimal frills, you have a dress that can be dressed up or down in any decade.
  • Different Fabrics – This is where rayon really came into its own. Since more natural fabrics were impossible to find during the war, these new synthetics were given their first shot at stardom. Rayon, linen, and corduroy became the leading fabrics of the decade due to their durability and price.
  • Strong but Feminine – Women wore suits of all kinds during this era, and unlike the suits of the 80’s, 1940’s suits were strong and feminine. While many women were dressing like men at this time because they had taken over the jobs of men, the clothing changed to suit their new jobs and status. A 40’s suit or dress works very well for the modern strong but feminine woman.

If you want to learn about the history of fashion or need help finding great 1940 vintage clothing and dresses , The Sahafah24 has everything that you’re looking for. You will find  many of our top picks for fashionable vintage and vintage inspired pieces right here on our website. I’m always available to answer questions and give out advice about vintage fashion.


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