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Advertise on Sahafah24.info

VinatageDancer.com is the perfect place to get your brand and products in front of an audience that is looking to buy now.  We seek to partner with USA and UK brands that promote vintage inspired clothing and costumes.  We offer a few options to advertising including product ads (the best option), banner ads, sponsored articles and social media shares.

Product Placement Ads

"Flapper Dresses" product placements

“Flapper Dresses” product placements

Get your best selling clothing included in Sahafah24.info Shopping Comparison pages. Product ads convert better than banners and have a larger reach than sponsored articles.

This is the best options for small or mid-size retailers who do not have an affiliate program. (See Affiliate product placements below if you have an affiliate program. )

  • Choose from a minimum of 5 product placements stating at $10 per product, per month. Discounts are offered for 10, 15 and 20 item placements. (Less than 5 products is possible but with some limitations.)
  • All product listings run for 3 months (90 days) at a time. You can cancel after 1 month if not satisfied.
  • You can choose which products you want to place or let us choose based on our data of what is selling well right now. If an item sells out you can replace it with another item at any time.
  • All product advertising includes social media mentions and blog article inclusions as it fits the topic of the week. Giveaways and reviews can also be arranged.
  • Product listings include a product image, item name, price and your logo (Etsy.com, Ebay.com and Amazon.com hosted shops will only display the etsy, eBay or Amazon logo) Product images will look best if they have a vertical orientation. We use the pictures already on your website.
  • Products are listed on all appropriate product categories. For example, a “1950s dress” may also be listed with “Swing Dresses,” “Retro Dresses,” “Tiki Dresses, ” “Pinup Dresses” etc   We give you as much exposure as we can. 
  • New products are added to the top of the page and move down as other new products are added. This keeps the listings fresh and most likely in stock.  When ads are renewed new items selected (or repost a best seller) listings are moved back to the top of the pages.  If you place more than 5 items in one category we may choose to space out your listing over several days.
  • It will take 1 to 5 days to get your products listed.
  • You can use your own Google Analytics or similar tracking software to see how much traffic you are receiving from Sahafah24.info. We can provide you will click counts from our own internal software as well. Amazon, Etsy and Ebay shops can also include sales counts.
  • Examples of Advertiser Traffic (Clicks)
    • Advertiser 1: 5 products, 1-2 categories each, 700 clicks per months
    • Advertiser 2: 10 Products, 2 categories, 1,000 clicks per month
    •  Advertiser 3: 10 Products, 3-5 categories, 2,400 clicks per month


View of Product Ads on "Victorian boots"page

View of Product Ads on “Victorian boots”page

Product Advertising Pricing:

Products- 5 items ($10 per month, per product) for 3 months = $150
Products- 10 items (10% discount) for 3 months = $270
Products- 15 items (15% discount) for 3 months = $382.50
Products- 20 items (20% discount) for 3 months = $480

Once your ad is received I will set up your items in Sahafah24.info and email you a confirmation when they are posted on the website. In most cases, this just takes a few days.

How to Buy a Product Ad

  1. Please contact Debbie ([email protected]) with any questions before you purchase. Please include business name and website in your email.
  2. Next, click the link below to place your order and pay. We accept payment via Paypal however we can also invoice you via Paypal, receive a check by mail, or international wire transfer if you prefer.
  3. https://vintagedancer.com/wp-content/plugins/oiopub-direct/purchase.php
  4. Email a list of product links or include them in the purchase form. These can include the special tracking code such as a UTM parameter.
  5. That’s it! We will get your ads up on the website within 1 to 5 days. Your product ads will run for 3 months. When it is time to renew you will receive a reminder email. You can change links or keep your current ones in place anytime during the 3-month run. You can also ask for click count reports after one week.

Affiliate Product Placements

For online retailers who have an affiliate program with at least a commission rate of 10% we may not charge additional advertising fees. To get your products listed with us please contact us with the following information:

  • Are you part of an Affiliate Network (CJ, Shareasale, Linkshare, Amazon, etc)? If so which one?
  • Do you run your own in-house affiliate program? If so please send us the link to sign up.
  • Do you have a datafeed? Is it updated at least monthly? If so this will make it MUCH easier for us to add your products to the site.  If no datafeed we can still work with you it will just take a few days to set up.
  • We will select items from your product listings that we think will sell well. If you want to choose items to list you will need to pay for the placements.

If we feel your product offerings do not significantly meet the needs of our customers we may choose not to work with you.

Interested in If you want a managed solution we recommend If you want an in-house program there are many to choose from. Look at your website eCommerce host for recommendations that work with your website software.  Some of our advertising partners use these 3rd party apps:  and

Banner Advertising

• Shop Page Banner (above the fold) – $150
• Article Banner- $100 (Placed in an existing article)
• Sidebar Banner (Vertical) $250 (Sitewide)

Shop Page Banner is a 300 by 300 square ad placed at the top of one shopping page. Text and link are included with the ad. We will advise you on the best page to place your ad for maximum exposure.

Article banners appear within the text of a popular article. They can be almost any size or style such as a banner, photo, or collage.

Sidebar Banner is a sitewide placement viewable on every page except the homepage. These ads are best viewed on desktops but are also viewable on mobile under product listings or articles.

Please contact me ([email protected]) before you purchase a banner ad. Please include business name and website in your email.

Other Ads

• Social Media Mentions – $100
• Sponsored Post – $500-1000 depending on length and exclusivity

Social media mentions include multiple tweets, 1 Facebook post, and multiple Pinterest pins over the course of the month. Promoted posts/pins are available for additional fees.

Sponsored posts

We accept very limited sponsored posts, choosing instead to feature advertisers with product listings. If you prefer a sponsored article we can write one for you on an agreed upon topic, include at least one do-follow text link, and social media shares. Our articles focus on sharing fashion history, costume/outfit ideas, or product reviews.  Prices start at $500.

We do not accept guest posts. We do not sell text links.

Please contact me ([email protected]) with your sponsored article request. Please your include business name and website in your email.

Marketing Consultation

Outside of this website, Debbie Sessions, has provided mentoring and online marketing consultation to new and existing businesses that want to improve their websites’s Search Engine rankings (SEO), fix eCommerce sites that are not converting to sales, improve social media presence (Pinterest expert), define their brand and other online marketing challenges. Debbie is available to consult with you on your website/brand needs and devise a plan to take your business growth to the next level. Consultation begins at $100. Contact Debbie for more details.

Contact Us

We look forward to working with you!

Leave a reply to ask your question. I will respond to you by email within 24 hours.  You can also email me at sahafah24.info



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