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60s Shoes, Boots | 70s Shoes, Platforms, Boots

Bring on the color with these vintage-inspired 60s shoes and 70s shoes for women. 1960s shoes embraced the cute designs of a low heel Mary Jane flat as part of the baby doll look. Big buckles, bows, two tone spectators, and color block designs made sixties footwear very MOD. Flats were all the rage in bright vinyl colors or neutral earthy boho shades. The 60s sandal or flip flop also became what we know it as today. The 60s were also the start of boots for fashion. The chunky heel Go Go boot became an iconic dance and fashion shoe of 1960s and into the 1970s. The short ankle bootie also found roots at this time.

70s shoes favorites were platform shoes, clogs, wedges, and vintage heels. Thick heels and tall soles found their way into the disco scene while natural materials like straw, leather, and cork made great hippie shoes. Granny boots and embroidered or velvet slip-on boots were also key styles during the 1970s. Scroll down to see pictures of 70s shoes.

Learn more about 1960s shoe styles here. Need a 1960s dress to go with your shoes?

60s Shoes & 70s Boots


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Vintage 70s Shoes and Boots

3 thoughts on “60s Shoes, Boots | 70s Shoes, Platforms, Boots

  1. Seeking a comeback of 2 fav shoes of the 1960-61 closed round toe flat slingback the came up curved high on front of foot,
    and a soft flat “peter pan” style suede leather shoe in black or tan. (Capezio’s?) Can’t seem to find them ANYWHERE! Other favs were suede fringed Indian mocs, saddle shoes and penny loafers and my white Keds!! Lived in Newark, NJ where they were very popular! Sigh!

  2. Orange patent leather with mother of purl buckle, orange and yellow a line dress, with stand up collar, bow on the side of necklace that tied, and of course bloomers to match! Marlowe Thomas hairdo with wide yellow ribbon hair band. Circa 1967, Summer of Love, the year I married, still married 50yrs



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