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The Essentials of Mad Men Style Clothes for Women

mad men peggy green 1960s shift dressIf you are looking for mad men clothing for women, there are a lot of choices for you. When popular TV shows like Mad Men and Pan Am began showcasing another era of American life, many people were instantly inspired by the clothing and style of the time. Everyone looked so sophisticated and well-dressed all of the time. People took pride in their appearance and you definitely didn’t have a casual Friday at work. If you are looking to recapture some of the magic of the styles of the time, here are a few essentials of mad men style clothing for women:

  • Hats – Hats were essential every day wear in the 1960s. Women and men alike wore them everywhere. Hats weren’t worn indoors, but out of doors and outside of the office place, a well-dressed woman always had a hat on. The shapes and style varied, as did the angle at which they were to be worn. This was the last hurrah for hats in popular use for women in America. Today, if a hat is worn, it’s generally for warmth instead of style.
  • Jewelry – When it comes to mad men style clothes, accessories for women were a must. Women wore pearls in the style of Jackie Kennedy and other pieces of jewelry to show off their style and sophistication. This was also a time when women wore brooches on a regular basis.
  • Purse – Purses were a part of every woman’s wardrobe. She had a person for the daytime and for the evening. The style was more towards smaller purses that matched the outfit and they were changed out regularly.
  • Shoes – Shoes matched the outfit perfectly. Shoes were generally smaller in the heel and had pointed toes without straps. Mad men style shoes were worn everywhere from the office to the home, helps and pumps were it.
  • Tops – The purpose of the top, blouse or sweater was to set off the pants or pencil skirt that it was worn with. Soft, fitted sweaters were very popular as were differing collars and ties.
  • Pants and Skirts – Pencil skirts and flat fronted cigarette pants were the thing to wear in the 60s. These slimming cropped pants were perfect for wearing with heels or pumps.
  • 1960s swing dress

    60s swing dress at ASOS

    Dress – mad men style dresses came in many different styles. There was the popular sheath dress as well as the full circle dresses that were left over from the 50s. The sheath dress was the pencil skirt in dress form and definitely the bigger style of the day.

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