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1960s Coats and Jackets

Shop 1960s style women’s coats and jackets such as the swing coat, box coat, half coat, faux fur coat, crop jacket, cape coat, rain coat, and trench coat. Contrasting trim, simple shapes, cute collars. Mid-century mod coats, swing coats and moto jackets are back in style! Layer them over your 60s dresses or blouse and skirt sets. For a casual and warm style, wear a 1960s coat with a pair of bell botton or flare jeans and a turtleneck shirt.   All 60s coats and jackets look great with tall boots or keep it simple with a pair of flats.

These new retro 60s coats and jackets blend perfectly into past or current styles. Why not add a 1960s coat to your fall and winter wardrobe.

60s Jackets and Coats

1960s jackets and coats in suede fringe, leather, corduroy, shearling or wool. From 60s mod coats to boho hippie jackets, we found them all.

Vintage 60s Coats, 60s Jackets




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