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1960s Style Clothing & 60s Fashion

1960s fashion for women. How to create the look with vintage inspired 1960s style dresses, shoes and accessories at Sahafah24.info/1960s

Mid 1960s fashion essentials for women.

TV shows like Mad Men made 1960s fashion popular again. Most mainstream fashions today are also heavily inspired by the 1960s.  Knee length swing dresses, shift dresses, mod colorblock dresses, wiggle dresses, mini skirts, crop pants and flare jeans are back in style for women.  For men, it is skinny suits and ties, stingy brim hats and monk strap shoes that create the hipster look. Learn about women’s 1960s fashion history  and men’s too.

Creating a 60s fashion outfit is easy with the right 60s style clothing. We have made it easier to shop for new, vintage inspired 1960s clothing, shoes, and accessories here by linking to some of the best clothing and costumes for sale online.

 Women’s 1960s Clothing

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1960s Men’s Clothing

1960s Fashion History for Women

1960s Men’s Fashion History

6 thoughts on “1960s Style Clothing & 60s Fashion

  1. no fair that Jacqueline Kennedy lost all her fashion reputation because her husband was assassinated also,how did john F.Kennedy get assassinated?

    • After being in the public eye for many years I am sure she was glad to retreat and live a private life. But yes, we did loose a fashion icon to follow.
      John F. Kennedy was shot from a nearby building while riding in an open top car.

  2. can anyone tell me what ever happened to Granditers shops and Sabre jumpers please ?

  3. looking for slippers that were gold/silver. the very front of the shoe would curl up they had a small wedge heel. pregnant women would use them a lot.


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