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1950s Swimsuits, 50s Bathing Suits, Retro Swimwear

1950s swimsuit

Love all of these 1950s swimsuits, especially the flamingo print.

Ladies of the 1950s sure knew how to make an entrance to the beach or at a tiki poolside party.  Despite their modesty, 1950s swimsuits and bathing suits had plenty of style and personality. Strapless, skirted 50s swimdresses, vintage onepiece bathing suits and high waisted two piece 50s bikinis are all perfect choices for the retro pin up in you. 50s swimsuit choices grow every year blending vintage style and modern trends together. Some 50s bathing suits are close reproductions while others take the modesty of retro swimwear and combined it with new prints. Shop plus sizes 50s swimsuits here. 

Learn more about 1950s swimwear history  and shop our favorite 1950s style swimsuits choices this year:

1950s Swimsuits


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