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1950s Style Mens Suits | 50s Suits

1950s Men in Suits

1950s Men in Suits

Men’s 1950s suits are classics in the world of men’s vintage fashion. Loose and plain in shape and cut they were made unique by the love of textured fabrics- wool, tweed, flannel, and corduroy as well as patterns – big checks and plaid. For most of the decade, pants were pleated with wide legs and a tapered ankle. By the end of the decade, men’s 50s suits were moving into the skinny tailored fit style.

More then two piece suits, sport coats were all the rage in men’s 1950s fashion. Mixed with light and dark pants the combinations were endless. Solid colors were worn for most of the decade with some big patterns moving into the 1960s.

Vintage 1950s men’s suits are a challenge to find in larger sizes. These new suits and sport coats carry the overall classic fit and style of the 1950s. Add a fedora hat and snazzy pair of shoes and you will look like a 50s man.

Men’s 1950s Suits



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