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Vintage High Waisted Shorts | 1950s Pinup, Rockabilly Shorts

1950s Style Shorts at

Women’s 1950s high waisted shorts had a side zip, sailor buttons and came in a variety of lengths. Pin up shorts and rockabilly shorts favor red, black, tropical prints, and classic denim blue jeans. Navy blue shorts with white buttons are make cute vintage sailor shorts or nautical shorts in summer. 50s vintage high waisted shorts are flattering (and slimming) and back in fashion today. Retro shorts from the 60s, 70s and 80s are also in style.

1950s vintage high waisted shorts came in many lengths:

  1. Short shorts or pin up shorts– The shortest and tightest fitting high waisted shorts. 
  2. Culotte shorts– A bit longer with flared legs.
  3. Bermuda shorts– Just above the knee. Fitted or loose.
  4. Pedal Pushers/ Clam Digger Shorts- Just below the knee. Loose fitting.

Read about the history of 1950s shorts or find your perfect pair of high waist pin up shorts from our favorite brands online.

Vintage High Waisted Shorts