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1950s Separates: Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets History

As popular as dresses were in the 1950s they were not the only thing being worn. 1950s separates, in the form of blouses and skirts or tops and pants were equally common especially among casual wear. Adding a cardigan sweater over a dress or blouse not only added a bit of warmth but was the ultimate fashion accessory with dresses and separates. For colder days matching short jackets or long overcoats covered her up with elegance.

Separates were an affordable way to create a large wardrobe on a smaller budget. Tops and bottoms were mixed with each other, accessories changed from one color scheme to the next. The idea of a time capsule wardrobe, while not new to the 1950s, was emphasized much more. Separates were often sold in coordinated sets to encourage women to always be coordinated with her fashion.

Since I have already written about  1950s separates in detail I am not going to re-post them here however I do have some new photos and history to add.

1950s Fashion Tops

1950s Tops, Blouses and Shirts Styles is a detailed look at the many styles of tops women’s worn in the 1950s. I have added additional details and more pictures about summer tops and party blouses.  A new section discusses the knit shirt, aka the polo shirt, as an alternative to the button up blouse.

1950s summer tops, shirts, pedal pushers and capris

1956 summer tops

1950s Blouses - more styles formal and informal

1957 Blouses – more styles formal and informal

1957 knit tops and tailored blouses

1957 knit tops and tailored blouses

1950s sport tops and crop shirts. 1958

1958 sport tops


1950s Sweater Tops

The sweater girl look started in the 1940s but became an icon of the snug fitting knit tops and sweaters of the 1950s. They were a big contrast from both novelty patterns sweaters of the 1940s and chunky knits of the 1960s. See the progression of mid century sweater styles in this article. 

1956 cardigan sweaters

1956 cardigan and pullover sweaters

1957 Sweaters

1957 Sweaters

1950s Jackets and Coats

1950s Coats History explores the many styles and purposes of long coats, fur coats, raincoats and mid weight jackets.  I added a few new photos to this detailed article.

1950s coats, swing coat on the right. 1957

(R) Swing Coat

1951 Gaberdine Trench Coat

1951 Gaberdine Trench Coat

1950s fur trim suits, jackets

1957 fur trim jackets over suits

1950s Men’s Shirts

1950s Men’s Shirt Styles looks at many of the common styles of men’s dress and sport shirts. This article was recently updated with many more images now included. It is also one of the most popular men’s fashion articles on Sahafah24.info  We previously discussed men’s sweaters and jackets in this 1950s Men’s Fashion: Casual Clothes article. 

1950s mens plaid shirts. Button down shirts and a few polo shirts. 1951

1951 Men’s plaid, plaid and more plaid shirts

1950s mens shirt

1950s tropical paisley, ‘Hawaiian’ style shirt by Arrow

1950s mens polo shirts, knit shirts and cardigan for golf (1958)

1958 Polo Shirts

1957 Men's Casual Jackets

1957 Men’s Casual Jackets


Next week we will look at 1950s Separates: Bottoms to see what we can wear with all of these  tops.

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