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50s Hair Bandanna, Headband, Scarf, Flowers | 1950s Wigs

1950s hair scarf, headband, clips, flowers, bandanna, hair bands and wigs too.

1950s inspired hair accessories

Coordinated 1950s hair accessories completed an outfit. No retro-loving rockabilly gal would go without them today, too. First, a 50s pin up hair flower clip, pinned to one side was a pretty alternative to wearing a fascinator hat. 50s headbands, bandannas and hair scarves were popular with teenagers tied around a ponytail or as a neck scarf. Teens and women also liked rolled hair scarves or wide headbands tucked behind the ears in the late 50s.  The pin up hair bandana, turban, and snood from the 1940s were still worn by many women well into the 1950s.

Jeweled side clips, rhinestone headbands, and sparkling tiaras were worn for formal proms and parties.  Paired with a matching purse, belt, shoes and jewelry her look was now complete!

If you don’t have the perfect hairstyle consider a 1950s wig in the long flip, pageboy, Italian, poodle, curly bob (Marilyn Monroe style) or bouffant. Shop 1950s wigs and hair accessories from these online stores:

 1950s Wigs, Flowers, Headbands, Scarfs

Shop 50s scarf, 1950s wig, pin up hair bandanna, 50s neck scarf, vintage head scarf, 50s headband, rockabilly hair bandanna, 1950s style hair clips and slides, pin up hair accessories and 50s style hair bands here on VintageDancer.  For 1950s fascinator hats and fascinator headbands look here. 

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