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50s Men’s Jackets| Greaser Jackets, Leather, Bomber, Gaberdine

The black leather bomber jacket became a symbol of 1950s greasers when the movie Grease was released. It was popular with rebels and with rockabilly men today, however, it was not the most common style of 50s jacket. That style goes to the gaberdine jacket which was a lightweight Harrington or bomber jacket with ribbed cuffs, bottom band, and a wide flat collar. In the early 50s it was the belted bush jacket, safari coat and plaid mackinaw style that every man was wearing. Teens wore two-tone letterman jackets to show off school pride. Learn about casual men’s jackets here. 

Other short jackets include suede or leather bomber jacket, leather motorcycle jackets, and the shirt jacket. Long coats for heavy winters were still worn but now they were shorter to just at the knee. Bold patterns and textured wools gave me unique vintage style. Double breasted raincoats were a lighter overcoat option (think Singing in the Rain.) Learn about 1950s mens overcoats here.

While you can still find men’s vintage overcoats and jackets, many men prefer the fit of new, classic men’s jackets like these we found online:

1950s Men’s Jackets

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