Women’s 1940s, 1950s, 1960s Tiki Dress History

1950s Hawaiian dress

1955 Tropical-Print Halter Dress

Women’s dresses had two main shapes. Full circle skirts- ie 1950s swing dresses and the very narrow pencil shape dresses associated with the Pinup girl that is VERY popular today. The only difference between 1950s clothes and Hawaiian tiki style is the material and colors. Tropical print fabrics were used to make full circle and pencil shape dresses. The sarong style dress is one style that was made almost exclusively with tropical print fabrics. Colors were bright pinks, greens, and blues all fit for a summer poolside party.

Other tropical or vacation themes such as Carribean prints, Mexican Riviera colors, and even safari adventures found their way into the tiki mix.

With the popularity of the 1950s fashion revival there any many vintage or vintage reproduction clothing choices online. For vintage items, I recommend looking through , or.

Don’t forget to add a pair of retro sandals, a hair flower, and parasol, to your tiki dress. In summer, we love a good pair of wedges or strappy sandals. Espadrilles are also a very tiki type of retro shoe.

50s Tiki Family

50s Tiki Family

Men’s 1950s Hawaiian Shirts

mens 1950s hawaiian shirts

1950s Hawaiian Shirts

A Hawaiian shirt and pair of khaki pants are all that’s needed for a 1950s lounge look. For the 1960s mad men look all you need is a sharp narrow fitted suit with narrow lapels, skinny tie, and a fedora hat. Make sure you wear a white french cuff shirt with your suit and add a pair of snazzy cuff links.





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