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1940s Style Sweaters and Knit Tops

1940s Sweaters and Knit Tops, 1942. Shop vintage style sweaters at Sahafah24.info

1942 Sweaters and Knit Tops

1940s sweaters, knit tops, shirts, vests and cardigans continued to be worn as a winter to spring time fashion peice. During the war those who could knit, did so out of necessity and economy, creating adorable short sleeve sweater tops and longer chunky knit pullover sweaters and button up cardigans. By the end of the 1940s sweaters were coming less utilitarian and more fashion forward.

These new sweaters and knitwear mimic the popular styles of the 1940s. Combined with 1940s pants or skirts they create a vintage inspired outfit for all seasons.

1940s Style Sweaters