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1940s Mens Shoes | Gangster, Spectator, Black and White Shoes

1940s mens shoes, two tone shoes

1940s men’s two tone shoes

Vintage inspired 1940s mens shoes reflect the quality, durability, and sensibility of footwear during WW2 and beyond. Solid black, brown, white and two tone spectator oxfords, wingtip, brogue and slip-on loafers were standard shoes for men in the forties. Half boots, monk straps, and penny loafers added a bit more style to a basic set of men’s dress shoes. Work boots were all leather with lace and hooks and thick tread.

The most famous 40s men’s shoes are the black and white gangster shoes, zoot suits shoes or vintage dancing shoes like what Fred Astaire wore. They could also come in brown and white or tan and brown in wingtip, moccasin or saddle shoe patterns. Brogue (small holes) were added in summer shoes for breathability. Most 1940s men’s dress shoe soles were leather but today most as rubber. Read more about 1940s men’s shoe history. 

A good pair of 1940s style men’s shoes can take your Zoot suit from OK to spectacular. All of these new men’s shoes are handpicked for their closest resemblance to men’s boots & shoes in the 1940s and offered in a range of price from costume to handcrafted quality. Dance shoes with leather soles are marked “dance” on the image.

1940s Men’s Shoes

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New 1940s style men’s shoes. Shop now.

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  1. Can help me figure out what period my boots are from, thinking about selling them!!! I got them while doing estate sales about seven years ago. Person who owned these was in his 90s when he passed away!!! I’m pretty sure he was an architect from his super nice tool crates & blue prints.He had real nice fadoras that I also have.There no brand name,They say made in Poland, lots of numbers that you barley make out, feel kinda like cowboy slash work boot or maybe military!!! Look hand made by a shoe cobbler or something!!! Can anyone help me figure this out I will try to post a picture.They also came in a different shoe box from Wisconsin with warranties Co. Name that box was Weinbrenner!!!Can’t figure out picture through here.They are orange brown, mid,leather strap, metal & cloth buckle, leather bottoms with nails showing in heal possible sign of repair in heal!!!Very cool super vintage hipster!!! At least that is my opion!!! I appreciate any feedback I can send pictures!!!

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