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1940s Children’s Clothing: Girls, Boys, Baby, Toddler

1940s children's clothes, matching set

Matching ’40s clothes

Genuine vintage 1940s children’s clothing can still be found in some antique stores. White baby gowns, little girl’s dresses, boys pantsuits and an assortment of shoes are sought after by vintage loving parents. 1940s children’s clothing came in primary colors red, blue, white, yellow and green. Dresses were above the knee for toddlers and below the knee for big girls. A sash bow around the waist, a few simple ruffles around the puff sleeves and you have yourself an adorable 1940s children’s dress.

Boys clothes were mostly casual striped knit shirt with shorts or pants. For dress-up time they wore a mini suit that looked like Dad’s. Shoes for boys embraced the penny loafer or saddle shoe. For girls, it was the classic black mary jane with socks. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see pictures of 1940s kids clothes and shoes.)

You don’t have to hunt for vintage 1940s children’s clothing. Many new vintage inspired children’s clothes will work well for a 1940s theme family photo, school play, reenactment, Halloween costume or special event. The following are many of the best options online. Contact us if you need more helping finding the perfect outfit or look here for more decades. 

1940s Children’s Clothing


Here are some pictures of 1940s children’s clothing:



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