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1940s style Guide: 40 days of 1940s fashion free email series. Women's and men's fashion history by the Sahafah24

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1940s were a decade many countries around the world can not forget. With the second world war (WW2) and clothing rationing,  the war time pride of fashion on a budget became the norm. 1940s fashion for men and women experienced deep changes but also created some of the most flattering designs of the 20th century. Learn ‘40s fashion history for women and men.

Today 1940s fashion has revived in the form of sexy pinup dresses, flattering A-line tea dresses and swing dresses, high waisted pants and peep toe shoes for the ladies.  Pinstripe zoot suits, two tone shoes, vests, suspenders and fedora hats are back in fashion for men. The gangster or mobster costume is especially popular now.

Thanks to Marvel’s Agent Carter TV show, women and men and wanting to wear these classic fashions today. We searched the web and linked to the best 1940s style clothing online.

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