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1930s Style Mens Hats and Caps

1930s Men's hat Styles. Learn more and shop at Sahafah24.info

1930s Men’s hat Styles

New vintage style 1930s men’s hats and caps complete the man of the golden Hollywood era. 1930s men’s hat styles included the fedora or trilby,  Homburg, derby or bowler, ivy cap, walking hat, and boater. Fedora hats came in bright colors- hunter green, medium blue, brown, and grey with a wide Petersham band.  In summer most men wore straw hats such as the Panama, toyo, straw fedora, straw gambler, and straw boater or skimmer.  For casual sports or work times, men continued to wear the 8-panel newsboy or wide fit ivy cap. Safari hunters wore the pith helmet.

Read about the history of 1930s hats for men.

For a vintage does modern look any of these hats we found online with take you back to the 1930s. Avoid narrow brims and modern fedora hats- stick to the classics for the most vintage style.

1930s Style Men’s Hats


2 thoughts on “1930s Style Mens Hats and Caps

  1. I love your explanation of the 1930’s styles of men’s hats, and how they differ from today. I’m writing a novel set in the ’30 and understanding the hats was very important to me. I’m bought a Homburg locally, and I love the ideas of wearing hats. I got the hat to do a video “interview” of my characters. I want to get a Trilby or a more formal Fedora next, as true to the ’30’s style as possible. Any suggestions? Also, what kind of hat did Clark Kent wear in in the 50’s Adventures of Superman TV series? I haven’t seen one quite like it?

    • A good hat is the 1930s Bollman Collection Trilby . Its a replica from the 30s so you know its the right shape. Not the highest quality out there but very good for most casual uses.
      Clark Kent wore a pinch front C crown Fedora with turn down brim. Bailey of Hollywood Curtis 7005 is a good one and comes in many colors. Clark’s seemed to be extra pinched, which is something you can do yourself with a steamer and a light clamp (or take it to a hatter for shaping.) more 50s hats here: https://vintagedancer.com/1950s/1950s-mens-hats/ Best wishes with your novel!

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