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1930s Clothing

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The 1930s experienced the economic distress of the Great Depression but you would never know it looking at the glamorous fashions on Hollywood’s silver screen. Ladies 1930s clothing looked as rich as they dreamed about yet was frugal on the budget. There isn’t a 20th century fashion decade that embodied femininity in women like clothing of the 1930s. From bias cut dresses for women, tilted felt hats, white gloves and matching perforated shoes, 1930s style clothing is a unique style that is waiting for a revival. We just can’t get enough Old Hollywood elegant gowns, dancing shoes, or casual sporty clothes with vintage glamour. Many of the current boho 70s looks are direct copies of 1930s outfits.

You can wear 1930s outfits today with NEW vintage inspired 1930s style dresses, wide leg pants, tops, jackets, oxford shoes, hats and accessories. Or make your own with these 1930s women’s clothing sewing patterns. UK shoppers look here clothing near you.

Learn about 1930s fashion history before you shop.


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