Step 2. Choose Your Supplies

The directions in the booklet say to use a variety of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch thick grosgrain ribbon. Depending on your design, your hat size, and your personal preference will determine which size is right for you. For all of my examples I used a 1 inch ribbon but I think I would have liked them a bit narrower.

Choose any color you like. Contrasting colors were popular in the 1920s. Red, orange, blue, green, black, purple, yellow or glittering gold. Whatever color your choose don’t think about matching it to your dress instead match it to another accessory such as your necklace, purse, or shoes. See

Grosgrain Ribbon

Step 3. Study the Design

Buy enough ribbon to make two or three attempts at these designs. They are simple however design 2 confused me at first and I had to redo it. Study the design and practice, practice, practice! If you really need written directions you can buy the booklet but honestly the written directions didn’t help me at all.

Hat Trims with Ribbon

Green Hat 1- Follow Steps A, B, and C

Red Hat 2 – Follow Steps D to J

Yellow Hat 3 – Follow Steps K and L.

Tip: As you fold the ribbon according to the diagram pin the ribbon to your ironing board and press flat. Do this for each fold allowing a few seconds to cool before starting the next fold. At the last step, take out the pins and press on both sides.

Pin and Press Each Fold

Step 4. Attach the Ribbon

Once you have your design complete place your ribbon art on the hat and pin in place. You can either use fabric glue to attach the ribbon on the hat or for best results hand sew them in place. Use “No frey” or clear craft glue on the ribbon edges to keep them from unraveling.

Here are my completed hats:

Hat A (Green hat). I should have used a 1/2 inch ribbon.

Hat 2 (Red Hat) The tricky folds got the best of me : )

Hat 3 (Yellow Hat) The easiest and I think best of the three designs

My Hat

I have more hat patterns listed in the 1920s sewing patterns page. Try them out and let me know how yours turns out.





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