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Relive the Roaring Twenties

The end of World War 1 was certainly a cause for celebration and shortly thereafter, the roaring twenties was born.  An excellent depiction of the decade came from F. Scott Fitzgerald in his fictional novel, The Great Gatsby.  Set during the twenties, it portrayed the carefree lifestyle of people who lived like there was no tomorrow.

Conversely, society also harbored the critics who pursued prohibition because alcohol was the work of the devil and was not condoned now or in the future.  These critics would get their wish in 1920 however where there was a will there was a way.  Fitzgerald’s portrayal of the gaiety of the twenties certainly emphasized that, describing gala parties and devil-may-care characters.

The Charleston dance, originally choreographed in the early 1900’s the dance became popular in the 1920’s and was favored by young women known as flappers.  The dance spawned a new era of clothing and hairstyles for young men and women.

Sahafah24 offers a wide variety of Great Gatsby dresses for women and clothing for men including suits, shoes and hats.  The changes with dresses focused on trimming down extra fabric which gave them a lighter fit to allow easier movement.  Replacing the standard pantaloons were step-ins undergarments.  Stockings, rolled over a garter belt complemented the outfit.

But it’s not just about the flappers.  Sahafah24 also carries men’s suits complete with shirts, vests, hats and ties.  Create your Jay Gatsby look from a wide variety of selections.  While Nick Carraway is a more modest character, Great Gatsby clothes still make the man.


Organize your roaring 20’s party and make sure your party goers visit Sahafah24 for the best selection available.  Many styles and colors are available that will ensure that you are the hit of the party!

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