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1920s Style Purses, Flapper Bags, Handbags

1920s inspired evening bags, flapper purses found at VvintageDancer com

1920s Style Bags

Pretty and tiny beaded 1920s flapper bags and purses were highly decorated to match the beautiful flapper dresses of the era. Small enough to carry makeup compacts, a few dollars, and cigarettes (gasp!) they were fashion accessories more than practical handbags.

Other 1920s style purses were embroidered floral patterns, tooled (carved) leather for day use, and metal mesh with art deco designs. Today these bags will hide your cell phone, handkerchief and makeup with roaring twenties fashion.

Read more about the styles of 1920s bags and purse history and shop these new 1920s style purses to accessorize your dress:

1920s Flapper Bags

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