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1920s Style Women’s Pants, Trousers, Knickers, Tuxedo

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. A pair of wide leg pants, modest top and long jacket or wrap is almost dress like and a very vintage alternative to dresses.

A pair of wide leg pants is a 1920s  alternative to dresses.

1920s pants and trousers for women were still a taboo clothing item. Some rebellious women wore men’s knickers, plus fours,trousers and tuxedos in gender-bending rolls. Gangster girls wearing pinstripe pants is a popular non-flapper costume, although not historically accurate. Many 20s women wore jodhpurs or breeks for sportswear such as hiking, skiing, biking, golfing and horseback riding.  The only acceptable form of nice pants or trousers were Asian inspired lounge pants or beach pajamas that were especially popular in the 1930s.

Today many women who don’t like to wear dresses wear 1920s style pants for their costumes. They can be rustic wool tweed pants for sport or flowing palazzo pants for a vintage inspired evening ensemble. Paired with a blouse, kimono jacket, cloche hat and pair of low heel oxfords the look is jazz age elegant.

Learn about the history of women’s 1920s pants or shop some of our favorite vintage inspired 1920s women’s pants online:

Women’s 1920s Style Pants


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