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1920s Style Stockings, Tights, Fishnets & Socks

1920s stockings with point heel

Point Heel Seamed Stockings – 1928

Pure silk or cotton lisle 1920s fashion stockings are rare finds today but these new stockings have plenty of 1920s style to them. Black, grey or tan thigh high stockings with thin matching back seams were ideal for day wear while evenings introduced colorful light pastels and sheer nudes.  The very early years also saw fun lace weaves, vertical stripes, and clocked patterns above the ankles. Knee high socks in plain or argyle patterns, were sporty alternatives to stockings.

1920s Flapper fishnets were only for naughty showgirls yet they have become iconic to any flapper dress costume today.  While all stockings were rolled or held up with garters you might enjoy the modern benefit of wearing pull on tights or pantyhose instead.  Be comfortable first!

Read about the types of 1920s stockings here or here then shop for the right pair to complete your roaring twenties outfit:

1920s Stockings & Socks


1920s style flapper stockings, knee highs, fishnets, nylons, tights, socks. What style will you wear?

1920s Style Stockings, Knee Highs, Socks



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