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1920s Style Mens Shoes | Peaky Blinders Boots

Men's 1920s shoe styles you can buy today. Wear them for a great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, or Boardwalk Empire style. Find these at Sahafah24.info/1920s

Common 1920s shoe styles

Men’s Art Deco 1920s style shoes came in brown or black cap toe oxford (office), two toned oxford sport shoes (casual), white nubuck summer lace up shoes (trendy),  converse tennis shoes (sport), and brogue wingtip shoes (formal). Brown and white, grey and white, and sometimes black and white saddle shoes become more popular going into the 1930s.

Some men’s were still wearing lace up boots in black or brown with a cap toe, wingtip or button spats. They were mostly worn by working classes, older gentlemen and country British folk (ie Peaky Blinders boots.) Sturdy work boots were very similar to today’s men’s leather work boots with thick rubber tread.

Learn more about 1920s men’s boots and shoe history here.

The Great Gatsby movie has brought back the trend for two tone 1920s shoes. You can get the Great Gatsby, Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire, gangster or Downton Abbey gentlemen’s look with these new 1920s style men’s shoes and socks we found online:

1920s Style Men’s Shoes

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