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1920s Style Blouses, Shirts, Sweaters, Cardigans

1920s blouses and tops 1920s blouses. Beautiful romantic pastels with even more beautiful beading and embroidery decorations. Sweaters were long loose shawl collar knits in bold patterns or stripes for a sporty varsity look. Sigh, if only I had a closet full of them. Since I don’t the next best thing is a modern blouse and sweater with a vintage ’20s style to it.

Sheer peasant tops are authentic to the 1920s and often have folk art inspired designs. Middy tops were sailor style shirts worn with teens and sport young women. Sailor tie blouses are also great options for 1920s style blouses. And if you favor the early year’s pintuck or lace inset blouse with extra large round collars will give you the late teens/early ’20s style (as worn on Downton Abbey.) Read more about 1920s blouse history here and sweaters here.

Pair any of these new 1920s blouses and sweaters with a long tapered or shorter pleated skirt for a vintage twenties daywear outfit. You can even be a rebellious woman and wear wide leg chiffon pants. 

1920s Style Blouses and Sweaters


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