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1920s Downton Abbey Dresses

1920s dinner dress evening gown for Downton Abbey costume. Geth the look at Vintagedancer com

1920s dinner dress at Downton Abbey costume idea. See more ideas

The popular British mini series, Downton Abbey, is causing a revival of late teens and early 1920s style lace, beaded and fringe dresses as well as pretty headbands, cloche hats, T strap heels and long necklaces. We searched for new dresses that have elements of the past ideal for a daytime tea or dinner party at Downton Abbey.

Choose a light and airy drop waist lace dresses for a semi formal party or wedding. Add a cloche hat, gloves and small bag to complete your ’20s look.

For grandeur of the evenings dawn your all over beaded gown, flapper headband, long white gloves and T-strap party shoes.

Read the guide to dressing like the ladies in Downton Abbey for your Downton Abbey themed event or begin shopping:

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Downton Abbey dresses. Day or evening. What gown is the one for you?

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  1. It is so refreshing to see so much being done to enjoy this wonderful era. As a jewelry designer of that era I so appreciate it


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