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Shawls & Wraps | Vintage Lace & Fur Evening Scarves

Nataya Edwardian tea dress with sequined shawl from Bohomonde

Edwardian tea dress with a sequined shawl from

Add a beautiful new antique or vintage shawl, lace wrap, cape, or scarf over your vintage dress for the perfect evening accessory.  White lace shawls are also popular as lightweight summer wraps. Lace and embroidered silk were perfect for day wear while wool felt and fur-trimmed capes and shawls were worn during winter. These new vintage inspired wraps and lace shawls are handpicked for there striking similarities to antique Victorian capes, Edwardian shawls and 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s evening wraps. They are ideal for vintage weddings, prom, day and evening themed clothing and costumes. Scroll down to see pictures of vintage evening wraps, shawls an scarves.

Lace Shawls, Fur Wraps


Vintage shawls, wraps, capes and scarf pictures



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