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Edwardian Men’s Accessories

Edwardian Men's Suspenders 1918

Edwardian Men’s Suspenders

Edwardian men’s accessories included a pair of suspenders also called braces in solid or vertical stripe elastic wedding and leather button on tips.  He would also carry a pocket watch on a chain and keep it tucked into his suit vest pocket. Leather gloves were worn for all outdoor occasions while fabric gloves for indoor parties.  Fancy dressers might have worn wool shoe spats to keep their oxfords clean. A walking cane or rolled umbrella was also a fashion accessory more than a personal assistance device.

Adding one of more of these Edwardian men’s accessories to your costume will transform you form modern man to turn of the century gentlemen. These new accessories work well for the Edwardian era style:

Edwardian Men’s Accessories: